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About Us: Ganga Van Paryavaran Raksha Samiti
Last Updated: Saturday, March 31, 2018, 23:58
Ganga Van Paryavaran Raksha Samiti is a Non-Government-Organization that took its name and shape due to the work that the group of people associated with it was already pursuing for 7-8 years. This committee is born out of passion and commitment for the cause that it stands for. Ganga Van Paryavaran Raksha Samiti ( GVPRS) works for the preservation of Ganges. Hence it has already started working to preserve the forests and mangroves of Ganges.

GVPRS believes that Ganges, its forests and its environment go hand in hand. They are completely inter-dependent as well as inter-linked. You touch one and other will react.
GYPRS has made efforts to preserve the banks of Ganga by fortifying them with up to 175 ft long stone platforms. These platforms are having two pronged positive effect –one- they are helping in stopping land erosion and secondly they are helping accumulating silt near the river bank which is providing another protection to the habitat. This fortification has helped GVPRS to plant saplings in thousands to give the river banks some greatly needed green border and to stop soil erosion.

To help achieve this goal GVPRS’s ‘Awareness Campaign’ is in full swing by involving school children, locals and tourists as well.

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