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Objectives of Ganga Van Paryavaran Raksha Samiti (Regd.)
Last Updated: Sunday, April 1, 2018, 00:04
1.0 Conservation of Ganges, Forests and Environment:
- Propagate and circulate useful and relevant information about above three topics.
- To organize people, hold meetings, do discussions, organize seminars inside and out- side of the country.
- To work and coordinate with Government and Non-government Agencies and people concerning direction, policy making and projects related to the above three topics.

2.0 History of rivers and their conservation and richness:
- To make people aware of the Part Rivers, along with mother River Ganga playing important role in national culture and heritage of India.
- To provide modern tools to educate people in this regard.
- To facilitate collection and conservation of books, symbols, pictures and photo processing, reading-teaching and research related to the topic for knowledge seekers.

3.0 Water Harvesting and Conservation:
- To work for Watershed Management, Rain Water Harvesting, Water Conservation, Water Management and Water Resources.
- To organize and manage awareness programs about pure and potable water.

4.0 Compilation of Natural and Geographical Development and changes and Environment Conservation:
- Organize awareness campaigns and projects for conservation of nature and pollution control.
- To work in support of the control of environmental change and global warming.
- To work to establish social benchmarks for the continuous development of natural resources and environment.

5.0 Conservation of Forests and Wild animals:
- To work towards nature, forests and its’ animals, conservation of bio-diversity, air, water and noise pollution and regulation of other natural resources.
- To network, propagate and educate about technology useful in the area of maintenance of grass fields, social-forestry, and urban-forestry.

6.0 To network, propagate and organize Seminars on the Scientific methods of Landfills, Municipal Solid-Waste Recycling and Plastic-Waste Recycling.

7.0 To network, propagate and organize seminars and setting up systems of Renewable Energy and Solar Energy.

8.0 To establish Parks and Gardens for public at selected places.

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