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Last Updated: Saturday, March 31, 2018, 23:35
Forest Conservation

Ganga Van Paryavaran Raksha Samiti (GVPRS) has taken the initiative to work on protection and conservation of Doodhiya Beat Forest, a part of Rajaji National Park in Haridwar. Doodhiya Beat used to provide a dense forest cover to Haripur Kalan , Haridwar. However due to severe floods in June 2013, this Forest lost 2000 fully mature trees. Further during the rains of 2014 it has lost more than 500, fully matured , 35 to 40 years old Sheesham, Khair and Arjun trees as the soil had eroded and many roots had been exposed. Some reinforcement was needed and GVPRS decided to do something useful to protect the forest and habitats as well.

Ganga Van Paryavaran Raksha Samiti (GVPRS) has planted more than 3500 saplings of shrubs which are already part Flaura and Fauna of forest in the National Park . These shrubs will hold the soil and will be able to take the force of rising Ganges water as well. It will create the green border between Forest and Ganges. Its positive impact will be visible in the coming years.

Soil reclamation at the banks of Ganges in Haridwar

River’s expansion and retraction is a natural phenomenon but breaking away of their banks and expanding their path is not, especially when this takes place in the part of densely populated city. Since last few years Ma Ganga is expanding its course towards Haripur Kalan in Sapt Rishi area at an alarming rate. Ganga Van Paryavaran Raksha Samiti (GVPRS) was keeping an alert eye on the situation and as early as 2008 it started correspondence with concerned authorities on this point.

In 2014, situation reached at the critical point where there was just 35 ft land distance remained between the city and the river. At that river would have covered the gap in no time and the flood waters would have reached not only Haripur Kalan but would have affected National Highway (NH- 24), Main Railway Line between Delhi and Dehradun and the main city of Haridwar as well.

At that time after monsoons in the year 2014 in India Ganga Van Paryavaran Raksha Samiti (GVPRS) took proactive steps and built 5 stone pitching platforms of 135 X 12 X 10 ft to 70 X 18 X 12 ft at its own cost with help and know-how of local authorities . It had a two pronged positive effect: one- it created an obstacle in the advancement of Ganga ji towards township and secondly , more importantly , because the silt starting accumulating and automatically started creating and expanding the distance between the city and river.

Awareness Campaign

Ignorance is bliss when unconsciously we accept our weakness and shortsightedness while conducting ourselves as a member of the wider civil society, However, when the issue of virtuous and responsible conduct comes for our family unit then we tend to be alert and aware.

It is high time that we as members of civil society start taking the responsibility of our actions. We should also realize that our family unit cannot survive in isolation and we need a healthy society and environment to thrive in as we are part of a whole.

Hence Ganga Van Paryavaran Raksha Samiti (Regd.) Haridwar has started an ‘Awareness Campaign’ to draw the attention of masses towards the plight of or reversed Mother Ganges and pilgrim town of Haridwar. GVPRS has started its campaign with the slogans painted on wall at some prominent places. GVPRS organized free meals to collect people and make them aware of their surroundings. GVPRS is in the process of tying up with some local schools to create and conduct more awareness campaigns. GVPRS believes that if we are able to change the living habits of our younger generations then its effect and impact will definitely be visible in our society.

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